Baby yoga

Baby Yoga complements baby massage in that it builds on your baby’s physical and mental developmental milestones and will aid your baby’s
brain development and your baby’s sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills and is a great follow on to baby massage. It
provides further opportunity for baby and parent to bond and socialise with others.

We also do gentle post natal exercises for mum. It doesn’t matter if you have never practiced Yoga before as the moves we use are simple and

Classes start with simple stretches for you and a warm up for your baby before lots of one to one interaction with your baby and gentle muscle
stimulation (without using force). Baby Yoga can help with the following common problems in babies:

• Colic and crying
• Teething discomfort
• Constipation
• Digestive problems
• Slow weight gain
• Feeding difficulties
• Sleeping patterns

Carrying out Baby Yoga can have a number of benefits for both you and your baby, some of these are as follows:

• Improved balance, co-ordination and motor skills
• Assists respiration and digestion
• Allows babies to move freely
• Strengthens their bodies
• Develops reflexes
• Increased bonding, trust and social interaction
• Improved brain stimulation through endorphin release
• Develops physical confidence
• Develops spatial awareness
• Improves muscle development
• Promotes better sleep
• Improves learning and social development

As well as practicing Yoga moves we also incorporate sensory play and singing into classes to keep it fun and interactive for your

All ABC classes are totally baby led, interactive, fun and relaxed and give parents and their babies the opportunity to spend quality
one to one time with each other and make new friends at the same time.
If you have older siblings at home and no childcare they are more than welcome to come along to classes. We recommend you bring
a doll so that they can join in and copy what you are doing.
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